Tony de la Torre

I am a 25 year veteran of the Hospitality Industry with over ten years of management with the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. It is with them, I learned the value of quality service and commitment to excellence. In addition, I was taught that all people are to be treated with respect and kindness, and I have translated those values into my approached and delivery of services with DLT Presents. 

In addition, I have a life-long love for all genres and styles of music.

I was influenced early in life by the incredible sounds produced by Pink Floyd, Santana, Led Zeppelin, and Stevie Wonder, transitioning into the 1980's with an equal love for Punk, Metal, Hard Rock, New Wave and Electro-Funk, then becoming fully involved in the House Music & Retro-Swing scene in the 1990's.

I am a Vinyl & Serato DJ who loves to mix modern Hip Hop/House beats with Old School Funk, Soul, R&B, Disco, Classic Rock, Swing, Reggae, and Latin tracks.

I am motivated by the energy of a crowded dance floor.
Playing music that gets people moving really enlivens me and I am always working hard to mix music that allows people to "Get Down"!

I am available to play at parties, weddings, special events and the traditional, "break-in underground club".

Calendar dates of where I will be playing each week will be posted and updated on this site.